Grand Victoria Falls of Zambia and Zimbabwe

Mysterious Africa

Africa is beautiful, diverse and rich with so much untapped resources to offer. Touted to be the cradle of mankind and therefore inhabited for millions of years, its mysteries are ancient and deep. It has an abundance of riches in land, culture, wildlife, much sought minerals and so much more. While still developing, it is undoubtedly rising and growing. Once you set foot on African soil, you are bewitched by the spirit of the long gone ancestors and are bound to fall in love with the land, its people and all that is within.

  • Triumph over Oppression, an emotive journey on Robben Island
    Located in Table Bay about 11 km from land, within sight of Cape Town, a visit to the former Prison on Robben Island, is one of the most poignant trips you’ll make into the history of South Africa and Apartheid. This is where the (late) larger than life Nelson Mandela was held for 18 of … Read more
  • Malindi’s Hell’s Kitchen, nothing cooking but magnificence and heat!
    As we approached the entrance, it wasn’t immediately evident that we’d arrived because the thick live fence blocked our view and the rusted white gate gave the impression of a neglected and abandoned compound. As soon as the gate was opened however, and we drove in through towards the parking, the gleam and shiny yellow-brown … Read more
  • Spice your taste buds while cooling your feet at Morocco’s Ourika Valley
    In Marrakech for business or pleasure with a day to spare? Escape! Located low on the foothills of Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, Ourika Valley is a fresh breath of air, literally. About 60 minutes by road south of the city, it features rugged hillsides, descending steeply into the canyon that cradles the fresh clear waters … Read more

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