Cruise on Blue Nile, Juba, South Sudan

Work With Me

Are you a travel enthusiast, adventure junkie, suffer incessant wanderlust or just yearn to see the world?

Maybe you’ve travelled a little bit or a lot, but haven’t made the arrangements yourself and would like to build confidence in travelling on your own?

Perhaps you have a dream to travel to all the countries of the world (like me). Yet you haven’t made much progress because you are one of those who’ve gathered all the info and are now stuck with analysis-paralysis?

Or none of the above applies to you but you just looking for hand-holding guidance about your travel plans, or someone to direct your 72 (or less) questions about places to go and things to do.

You’ve come to the right place. You are in safe hands.

After travelling to over 60 countries across 4 continents over the past 20 years, I have experienced a wide range of troubles, successes, mishaps or triumphs in the process. I’ve made loads of mistakes and learned lots along the way, too!

Through personal one-on-one or group coaching, I can help you realise your (valid) travel dreams sooner rather than later.

Personalised or Group coaching is charged based on your needs and timeframe required. It will include:

  • Establishing why you want to travel and where to
  • Exploring your readiness (or not) for travel
  • Providing focused guidance on matters planning, budget and execution including document preparation for Visa applications, using online options to arrange and secure your travels, bookings, etc.
  • Developing value-adding resources specific to your needs to use as references e.g. packing lists, do-not-forgets, etc.
  • Empowering you by building your confidence to manage future travel on your own
  • Answering questions or addressing concerns you may have on travel related matters
  • So much more…

Now while I may have vast knowledge on diverse aspects of travel, I certainly don’t have the answers to all questions or concerns known to man. We’re all unique individuals with varied needs and aspirations.

Therefore it’s advisable that you book your 20-minute travel consultation chat with me prior to taking up coaching, so that we can meet and explore whether my services meet your needs at this point in time.

Request your session today, by sending an email to: and let’s embark on realising your travel dreams – to create memorable experiences of a lifetime!