Author - Maria

Maria Kamau has enjoyed an extraordinary life of adventure and discovery in Kenya, her homeland, and far, faaar beyond!

She's travelled to 58 other countries across Africa, Asia, America and Europe in the course of work and play. Back home she's been to 46 out of 47 counties that comprise Kenya.

And when she's not globetrotting, she drowns in data around her full time job as a Health Information Specialist and strives to learn indoor gardening in her free time. ;)

She's shares her vast travel experiences to embolden those aspiring, to travel more and affirms that it's possible to galivant around the world even on an African passport!

Floating Market shopping and dining, a sit-in affair!

Vendor offering his wares nicely displayed in his boat and above, behind him If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, Thailand, with a day to spare, one unique experience you might want to add to your ‘to do’ list, is to try shopping while in motion, not by a river, or near a river, but IN a river...

A visit to Hell’s Kitchen, right here on earth

In front of Marafa’s Hell’s Kitchen at Sunset Years ago I was on a work assignment in Malindi, Kenya, a region well known as a holiday destination for its pristine beaches and vacation atmosphere. We were inland at place called Marafa (about an hour from the coastline) visiting a health...

Visit the Vodka Museum for a taste of Russian History

Showcase of corks & bottles used to store Vodka The legends of old claim that the Russians were faced with a tough choice on which religion to adopt when those spreading their Gospels came knocking on their doors: Judaism: No to Pork, Yes-a-bit to alcohol, Ok to polygamyMuslims: No to pork, No...