Niagara Falls – Indescribable Water Magnificence

Water is life. And it shapes our world both metaphorically and physically.

Everything revolves around it – where there’s water, there’s life, where there’s none, nothing seems to exist!

Water is energy because it flows freely. The never ending human endeavor is to harness it to serve our very existence for eternity.

Water serves in sooo many ways: to preserve and conserve life in all forms besides humanity, to transport, entertain, calm, as well as energise, for recreation & sports, for research or learning, to provide power for our needs (electricity, thermal, etc.), to generate income through tourism, and so much more.

It may not seem so powerful until you experience the natural wonder of its free flow en masse! When my friend Tigist and I set on our road trip from Boston to Los Angeles, the Niagara Falls was our first stop. A group of three waterfalls, it spans the border between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States.

It was breath-taking to view it from above and when we saw people in boats on the river down below, we sought to learn how we could get there. We hesitated to pay the extra 20-25$ per person wondering if it was worth it.

View of the falls from down below

In the end we are so glad we did. Descending to the drop level of the waters was astounding! You hear and feel the roar of the water as it obeys the law of gravity dropping over 50 metres down and across the vast distance of the cliff face, and landing with thunder so loud you can barely hear each other speak!

We had to wear raincoats because of the natural rain caused by power of the wind on the mist that is generated when the water hits the rocks at the bottom, carrying it for miles. Sometimes it felt like it would carry us away, too!

Water, water, everywhere! Powerful, beautiful, mysterious and scary even, in its potency and continuous flow. And who knows for how many thousands of years it’s been flowing this way?? Astounding!

To attempt to describe its magnificence is an exercise in futility. The best way is to experience it, is to go there yourself!! Yes, it’s totally worth the extra cost to descend and advance closer to the water spray, just to feel the deafening power of the water mass drop! And no, it isn’t as scary as it looks!

To get to Niagara Falls, approach the US-Canada border either from within the State of Ontario (Canada) or the State of New York (USA). Depending on where you are located, you can enjoy it as a one day excursion on your own, as a family or with a larger group of friends.

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